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Alutila Cave Khagrachhari is one of the most mysterious caves in Bangladesh

 One of the most visited places in Khagracharri is the Alutila Cave. Alutila Cave is situated in the Matrigana sub-locale in the slope region of Khagracharri. Alutila Cave is only 8 kilometers from Khagracharri town.

Sightseers needing to visit Khagracharri town will track down many means of transport accessible in different areas of Dhaka. There are transport administrations, for example, Shamoli Paribhan, Saudia S Alam Paribhan, Shanti Paribahan and so on. Practically all transport counters in Dhaka, a few means of transport leave from Dhaka for Chittagong. These transport administrations will straightforwardly take vacationers to Khagracharri through Chittagong. The ticket cost for Dhaka to Khagracharri is 450 taka for the non-AC transport. There is additionally an AC transport accessible which goes from Dhaka to Chittagong and afterward to Khagracharri.

Alutila Cave is only 8 kilometers from Khagracharri. Sightseers can come to the Khagracharri transport stand, select a lodging to spruce up, and furthermore, there are numerous nearby eateries and food shops where they can eat something to stimulate themselves. There is Khagracharri Guest House, Parjatan Motel as well as lodging by the name of Pankhaya Para. These inns are arranged in and close to Khagracharri town. The value scope of a twofold bed non-AC room is from 350 to 550 taka. Additionally, there are AC rooms whose cost begins from 1500 taka.

Subsequent to arriving at Bandarban sightseers should employ a vehicle privately known as "Chander gari", a four-wheeled vehicle, or jeep or auto-cart and straightforwardly they can go to the region where the Alutila Cave is arranged.

Exploring the Alutila Cave

Locally Alutila is known as "Matai Hakor" or the cavern where God lives. The Alutila Cave is around 100 meters in length and exceptionally dim. Where the cavern is satisfied is encircled by dark green woods. The Alitalia Cave is found on a 1000-meter high, above ocean level, a slope known as Alutula Hill. For experience darlings and bold vacationers with an enthusiastic hunger for investigation, Alutila is the ideal spot for them to visit.

The normal excellence of Alutila is probably going to contact one's heart. From the slope top of the Alutila slope, an astonishing perspective on Khagracharri should be visible. Trees and mountains embracing each other bringing about the spreading of vegetation all through the skyline, the sky above, and the delicate breeze going through the slope all make a charming air for the vacationers, and once inside the Cave's passage sightseers will be shipped to an aspect beyond time into the thick dimness of the exceptionally old cavern. An alternate sensation of marvel and furthermore appreciation will deal with the vacationer's brain while strolling inside the passage of the Alutila Cave.

Aluitala Kava Khagrachhari situation is normal cave

The distance across the cavern is around 18 feet. To enter the Alutila Cave, a vacationer needs to cut a ticket for passage. Sightseers will then, at that point, need privately sold Flambeau or a powerful light as no daylight enters the cavern way of Alutila. Inside the cavern, one can see a wondrous marvel with a characteristic secret that floats around the cavern. The street through the passage is somewhat sloppy and tricky, and cold water streams underneath the cavern.

After entering the Alutila Cave travelers will find two streets subsequent to strolling for quite a while. One street, the street on the right side, prompts a little wellspring. The spot is simply staggering to notice, a wellspring inside a cavern. Nearby individuals made a dam to gather that water for their everyday living, so it is exceptionally shrewd for the sightseers to not pollute the water at all.

The way to the passed on drives the way to the passage. The cavern seems to be an underground passage, dull and baffling and simultaneously thrilling and subconscious for the individuals who have an enthusiasm for investigation. It requires 15 to 20 minutes to reach one finish of the Alutila Cave to one more end on the opposite side. The Alutila Cave is extremely protected to investigate, and monstrously energizing. The enchanting and enthralling magnificence of the Cave must be capable, and travelers must, no less than once in the course of their life, visit the Alutila Cave.


The Alutila Cave is a 100 m long cavern entry with a shallow however chilly cavern stream. It is lacking, yet there is a path with wooden boards to the cavern entrance and a ticket office that sells organic products, juices, and flambeaux for the cavern. If it's not too much trouble, bring current electric LED lights, flambeaux are annihilating the cavern. What's more, notwithstanding the name, to the extent that we realize the cavern isn't shut and there are no tickets vital. Additionally, there are no directed visits accessible.

Alutila Cave is named after Alutila Hill, one of the many slopes in the slope region of Khagrachari. In spite of its name Mystery Cave, it isn't puzzling in any way. We surmise interestingly, that caves are so intriguing in Bangladesh, so this decent cavern is something particularly amazing. The cavern is through the cavern and there is just a single entry and no likelihood to get lost. Be that as it may, it isn't prescribed to visit the cavern during the stormy season, since there is a lot of water inside.

Step by step instructions to go:

We arrived at Alutila cave by utilizing the public transport administration. Which is a lot less expensive. In current days there are a ton of CNG-driven three-wheeler vehicles. That one is additionally advantageous to go there. For our situation, we went there in the wake of visiting the Rising cascade. That is the reason the transport was the main choice for us. On the off chance that you employ a CNG vehicle, hold it for a full circle. It could cost you 500-600 Taka for a full circle.

Gradually we began entering inside the cavern, I had a light in one hand, and shoes in my other hand. Normally it expects around 5-7 minutes to pass the cavern. In any case, we utilized around 25 minutes to arrive at the opposite side of the cavern. We investigated the Alutila cave gradually, noticed the designs inside, and took a ton of pictures from inside. The most intriguing part was the virus water that was streaming at the base over our feet. Under the light, It seemed like brilliant water streaming.

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