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Family: Women who marry younger are made up of men

                          Many boys have no objection to the old big girl

In a beautiful society, when a woman marries a woman of her age, she has to face almost no social or negative attitudes.

The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left.

Even though old boys and girls are nothing new now - you still have to listen to harsh words from family, relatives, or the people around you. As a result, many families leave the family and feel comfortable with one family.

Where two families agree

Shamima Yasmin works in a private company. At 20, he was four years younger than her.

They have no qualms about this old difference between you and me.

"My husband was a junior acquaintance with my friend. I was in love. But you don't say anything to me. When I have to push from home - then I want him to talk to me."

"There were no problems in our two families

However, some of the friends and co-leaders have tried to cut the remarks.

Shamim Yasmin said that he also described the remarks made by the commenters as a result of which they never spoke again.

Not claimed in many families

In the case of the society of choice, the girl in the previous case - has considered herself small in her case. There are many exceptions.

But in that case, there is no problem between the girl and the boy, their family members have objections.

One is Sanjida Islam, which lives in Mymensingh. He said the situation was such that the girl was about to be taken away after her express cabin had gone before her repeatedly.

"My husband, but the day I happened to be bigger than you. When my old bartender refused during the cabin that this will not marry but my husband was adamant."

San Jida Islam said they love at night. Her husband is three years younger than her, but they have no problem understanding.

She, however, is now living in her father-in-law's house, which has created an unsuitable living environment for her and her husband.

"There's been a problem since the day of the wedding - I still have my faults. It creates unrest in our marital life. Now we're thinking of moving out of here as soon as we can. Because my husband and I have a separate home." There is nothing wrong with that. "

Why don't you want a big old family girl?

In compiling this report, I spoke with seven couples - in whom the husband is younger than the wife.

Some of them say that their family is not having any problem. Someone writes that they are in trouble, but the media does not want to talk about it.

One said on condition of anonymity that her husband would tell her husband's family first before her. Now they have a child. She is still in the family thinking about listening to this child.

Jobaida Nasrin, a teacher of her choice, said that there are three main reasons why families cannot afford younger men in society.

"There are three main issues - economic control, sexual control, and control of women's adoption."

"Besides, it should be desirable in everything," he said.

It has been said that when a woman is financially self-sufficient as well as capable of fulfilling all her responsibilities, it is not a small matter for a man to make bigger efforts than her.

She wants the respect that men deserve from her and her family. Analysts have commented on the unrest among family members when it appears.

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